GreenCSA farm was found in 2014, locates in west of Ottawa, about 45 minutes driving from Kanata. The farm is 50 acres consisting of three sections. The largest section is utilized for crop growing, the second is a dense forest area, at the back of the farm is a lake.The soil is a sandy loam and is great for growing various types of vegetables with efficient water and certified organic fertilizer usage. The soil is carefully leveled to optimize the retaining of moisture in the soil. There is an ancient lake underneath the farm that makes the farm soil in rich of organic matters. 

We grow organic vegetables and fruits under the organic certification guideline, free run meat chicken and ducks on summers, and free run eggs all year around. There are more than 7 years no any chemical applied to the farm soil. We do manual pest control and weed control, all the fertilizers we applied are certified organic, same as seeds, we only plant certified organic seeds.

We provide CSA members each summer season to deliver fresh organic products to doors. We also have farm picking operation, hundreds families came to our farm each year. There are many kids play structures, bounce castle, sandbox, swimming pool etc for young family with kids. There are also a 27' fifth wheel trailer that provides privacy for customer's needs. Also there are plenty of picnic tables and shade sails, and 2 washrooms with sinks and mirrors. We provide FREE tractor tour for visitors about 20 minutes around the farm. Farm is open on weekends ONLY. Please book an appointment before you come.


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Address:222 Storyland Road, Renfrew ON K7V3Z8